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Russian Federation

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Service monitoringLast updated: 09.06.2021
ServiceProviderSIDVPIDAPIDEncryptedAdded and last updated
Ladbrokes 1-PVU 3Unknown66310300 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:09.06.2021
Ladbrokes 1-PVU 3 (1)Unknown66310301 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:09.06.2021
SIS MK Test PVU 8Unknown108810800 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:09.06.2021
PPTV2Unknown112110100 EncryptedAdd:16.09.2016, Upd:09.06.2021
PPTV1-IEUnknown113810800 EncryptedAdd:06.05.2017, Upd:09.06.2021
PPTV1-UKUnknown114810802 EncryptedAdd:06.05.2017, Upd:09.06.2021
PPTV3Unknown116710700 EncryptedAdd:11.12.2017, Upd:09.06.2021
Alphameric Studio and SIS+ (PVU1)Unknown120910900 EncryptedAdd:02.04.2017, Upd:09.06.2021
Alphameric Studio with BTC AudioUnknown130910902 EncryptedAdd:02.04.2017, Upd:09.06.2021
SIS+ with BTC AudioUnknown136910902 EncryptedAdd:02.04.2017, Upd:09.06.2021
MK Test Unknown201610600 engEncryptedAdd:09.06.2021, Upd:09.06.2021
SIS BarOne IndepUnknown250910902 EncryptedAdd:02.04.2017, Upd:09.06.2021
SIS+ (PVU1)Unknown400910900 EncryptedAdd:02.04.2017, Upd:09.06.2021
BFTV1 Unknown560410400 EncryptedAdd:09.06.2021, Upd:09.06.2021
BFTV2 Unknown562510500 EncryptedAdd:09.06.2021, Upd:09.06.2021
BFTV3 Unknown563210200 EncryptedAdd:09.06.2021, Upd:09.06.2021
RTVi Unknown595610600 EncryptedAdd:09.06.2021, Upd:09.06.2021
*CORAL TV1 - PVU4Unknown20410400 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:20.04.2021
*CORAL TV2 - PVU6Unknown23610600 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:20.04.2021
*CORAL TV1 SIS DATA - PVU4Unknown29410400 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:20.04.2021
*LADBROKES XTRA - PVU5Unknown88510500 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:20.04.2021
*SPANISH - PVU2Unknown92210200 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:20.04.2021
*MK TestUnknown201110100 EncryptedAdd:01.08.2015, Upd:20.04.2021
*VBI TestUnknown203910900 EncryptedAdd:14.10.2017, Upd:20.04.2021
*SIS 2 GFX - PVU7Unknown86710700 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:11.12.2017
*PPTV2Unknown112910900 EncryptedAdd:02.04.2017, Upd:11.04.2017
*PPTV3Unknown113810800 EncryptedAdd:24.11.2016, Upd:11.04.2017
*PPTV TESTUnknown114110100 EncryptedAdd:02.04.2017, Upd:11.04.2017
*MK TestUnknown201910900 EncryptedAdd:11.03.2017, Upd:11.04.2017
*MK Test (1)Unknown201910902 EncryptedAdd:11.03.2017, Upd:11.04.2017
*Alphameric Studio and SIS+ (PVU1)Unknown120110100 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:11.03.2017
*Alphameric Studio with BTC AudioUnknown130110102 EncryptedAdd:11.03.2017, Upd:11.03.2017
*SIS+ with BTC AudioUnknown136110102 EncryptedAdd:11.03.2017, Upd:11.03.2017
*SIS BarOne IndepUnknown250110802 EncryptedAdd:29.10.2015, Upd:11.03.2017
*SIS+ (PVU1)Unknown400110100 EncryptedAdd:31.01.2014, Upd:11.03.2017
*SIS+ with BTC AudioUnknown100710703 EncryptedAdd:22.01.2017, Upd:02.03.2017
*Ladbrokes TestUnknown266310300 EncryptedAdd:01.08.2015, Upd:20.12.2016
*Ladbrokes Test (1)Unknown266310301 EncryptedAdd:01.08.2015, Upd:20.12.2016
*PPTV3Unknown113110100 EncryptedAdd:16.09.2016, Upd:31.10.2016
Radio: ALT VC 66650300 Add:31.01.2014, Upd:09.06.2021
Radio: ALT VC 66 (1)650301 Add:31.01.2014, Upd:09.06.2021
Radio: ALT VC 1201210100 Add:31.01.2014, Upd:09.06.2021
Radio: ALT VC 1301310102 Add:11.03.2017, Upd:09.06.2021
Radio: ALT VC 1361370102 Add:11.03.2017, Upd:09.06.2021
Radio: ALT VC 2502510201 Add:29.10.2015, Upd:09.06.2021
Radio: ALT VC 4004010100 Add:31.01.2014, Upd:09.06.2021
Radio: *ALT VC 92930200 Add:31.01.2014, Upd:20.04.2021
Radio: *VBC - PVU330300 Add:31.01.2014, Upd:20.12.2016

Astra 4A, SES-5, 4.8 East

  • [22.02.24] 'Televsesvyt' has started on 11747 V, sr 30000, fec 3/4, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, MPEG-4, FTA []
  • [22.02.24] 'TVGE Internacional' is back on 12380 H, sr 27500, fec 3/4, FTA []
  • [13.01.24] 'GALYCHYNA HD' on 11747 V, sr 30000, fec 3/4, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, MPEG-4 / HD, FTA []
  • [05.01.24] Package with channels '36,6', '4ever music', 'Bolt', 'CNN International Europe', 'Dacha', 'Discovery Science', 'Duck TV', 'Epic Drama HD', 'Eu Music', 'Fauna', 'KinoLiving', 'Kontinent E', 'Kus-Kus', 'Nashe ulublenne kino', 'Nauka', 'One Planet', 'ProKino', 'Svitlo', 'Terra', 'Travel XP', 'Trofey', 'UTravel', 'Viasat Explore', 'Viasat History', 'Viasat Kino', 'Viasat Kino Action', 'Viasat Kino Comedy', 'Viasat Kino Megahit', 'Viasat Kino World', 'Viasat Nature' has left 12092 V []
  • [02.01.24] 'DW Deutsch' has left 12380 H []
  • [01.01.24] '2+2 Marafon', 'Animal Planet Europe', 'BTQ (Beauty Trust Quality)', 'Discovery Channel Ukraine', 'Dorama', 'Food Network', 'Fox CIS ', 'Fox Life CIS ', 'Rybalka', 'TLC', 'Travel Channel', 'Tuso' has started on 11766 H, sr 30000, fec 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, MPEG-4, Verimatrix []
  • [01.01.24] '36,6', 'Avers', 'Dacha', 'Fauna', 'Kus-Kus', 'Nauka (Ukraine)', 'ProKino', 'Terra', 'Trofey', 'UTravel' has left 11766 H []
  • [30.12.23] 'WE-Ukraine' is back on 12284 V, sr 27500, fec 3/4, FTA [, rost1983]
  • [28.12.23] '36,6', 'Dacha', 'Fauna', 'Kus-Kus', 'Nauka', 'ProKino', 'Svitlo', 'Terra', 'Trofey', 'UTravel' has started in package "Viasat " on 12092 V, sr 30000, fec 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, MPEG-4, VideoGuard [, yorick]
  • [20.12.23] 'Nat Geo Wild', 'National Geographic Channel', 'Nick Jr', 'Nickelodeon CIS', 'NIKI Junior', 'NIKI Kids' has left 12207 V []
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