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Russian Federation

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RT English -w-

Sky Uk,
MPEG-2 FTAengl.

Service monitoringLast updated: 17.06.2022
ServiceProviderSIDVPIDAPIDEncryptedAdded and last updated
SONY TVBSkyB5410123332334 engEncryptedAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:17.06.2022
High Street TV 4BSkyB5410323182319 eng FTAAdd:17.06.2022, Upd:17.06.2022
Direct Store TVBSkyB5410623432342 eng FTAAdd:17.06.2022, Upd:17.06.2022
SONY SABBSkyB5410723162317 engEncryptedAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:17.06.2022
Best DirectBSkyB5411223212322 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:17.06.2022
GOD ChannelBSkyB5411323082309 eng FTAAdd:01.06.2018, Upd:17.06.2022
SONY MAX 2BSkyB5412023592360 engEncryptedAdd:22.05.2019, Upd:17.06.2022
TravelxpBSkyB5412523262327 eng FTAAdd:05.08.2019, Upd:17.06.2022
Court TVBSkyB5414023052306 eng FTAAdd:23.04.2021, Upd:17.06.2022
Takbeer TVBSkyB5414523472348 eng FTAAdd:17.06.2022, Upd:17.06.2022
JML DirectBSkyB5415023372338 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:17.06.2022
AAJ TAKBSkyB5416523142315 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:17.06.2022
Faith World TVBSkyB5417023282329 eng FTAAdd:23.04.2021, Upd:17.06.2022
ROKBSkyB5417123242325 eng FTAAdd:07.10.2018, Upd:17.06.2022
High Street TV 1BSkyB5417523442345 eng FTAAdd:01.02.2018, Upd:17.06.2022
TV WarehouseBSkyB5418023302331 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:17.06.2022
GEO TVBSkyB5418523112312 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:17.06.2022
*Dunamis TVBSkyB5410223072313 eng FTAAdd:12.07.2019, Upd:23.04.2021
*High Street TV 5BSkyB5410323182319 eng FTAAdd:22.05.2019, Upd:23.04.2021
*RTBSkyB5411523562357 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:23.04.2021
*Republic BharatBSkyB5414623202323 eng FTAAdd:14.09.2019, Upd:23.04.2021
*ABP NewsBSkyB5416723532354 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:02.05.2020
*Horse & CountryBSkyB5414023412342 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:28.01.2020
*54146BSkyB5414623202323 eng FTAAdd:05.08.2019, Upd:05.08.2019
*54102BSkyB5410223072313 eng FTAAdd:22.05.2019, Upd:22.05.2019
*NTAIBSkyB5414523052306 eng FTAAdd:01.07.2018, Upd:22.05.2019
*SONY MIXBSkyB5412023592360 engEncryptedAdd:31.05.2017, Upd:01.03.2019
*Travel ChannelBSkyB5410223472348 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:27.12.2018
*Retail TVBSkyB5410323392340 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:27.12.2018
*Islam TVBSkyB5417123182319 eng FTAAdd:01.06.2018, Upd:01.08.2018
*Al ArabiyaBSkyB5411023052306 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:11.06.2018
*Glory TVBSkyB5417023182319 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:02.04.2018
*Service 54101Unknown5410123332334 engEncryptedAdd:01.03.2018, Upd:01.03.2018
*Service 54102Unknown5410223472348 eng FTAAdd:01.03.2018, Upd:01.03.2018
*Service 54103Unknown5410323392340 eng FTAAdd:01.03.2018, Upd:01.03.2018
*Service 54107Unknown5410723162317 engEncryptedAdd:01.03.2018, Upd:01.03.2018
*Service 54110Unknown5411023052306 eng FTAAdd:01.03.2018, Upd:01.03.2018
*Service 54112Unknown5411223212322 eng FTAAdd:01.03.2018, Upd:01.03.2018
*Service 54115Unknown5411523562357 eng FTAAdd:01.03.2018, Upd:01.03.2018
*Service 54185Unknown5418523112312 eng FTAAdd:01.03.2018, Upd:01.03.2018
*Sony ChannelBSkyB5411323242325 engEncryptedAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:01.02.2018
*TristarBSkyB5417523442345 eng FTAAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:22.01.2018
*54120BSkyB5412023592360 engEncryptedAdd:14.05.2017, Upd:16.05.2017

Astra 2E/2F/2G, 28.2 East

  • [27.11.19] 'NOW 80s' has started on 11582 H, sr 22000, fec 5/6, FTA [, ]
  • [15.12.18] 'Free Sports' is now encrypted on 11627 V, sr 22000, fec 5/6, VideoGuard [, ]
  • [12.12.18] Package with channels 'Abu Dhabi TV', 'Box (UK)', 'Box Hits', 'Box Upfront', 'Free Sports', 'Kerrang!', 'KISS', 'Magic TV (UK)', 'Premier 2' on 11627 V, sr 22000, fec 5/6 [, ]
  • [31.05.17] 'B4U Music UK' on 11479 V, sr 22000, fec 5/6, FTA []
  • [23.11.15] 'NOW Music' has left 11222 H []
  • [19.03.15] Package 'Sky UK' has left 11389 H [, mr_pavel]
  • [21.02.15] Package with channels 'Brit Asia TV', 'Capital TV', 'Clubland TV', 'Gems TV', 'Heart TV', 'High Street', 'High Street Xtra', 'Home Store', 'Info TV (+1h)', 'NDTV 24x7', 'Noor TV', 'Planet Pop', 'PTC Punjabi', 'Record TV', 'Rocks & Co 1', 'Sangat TV', 'TV Shop UK' has left 11585 H []
  • [14.02.15] 'Viva (UK & Ireland)' on 11895 V, sr 27500, fec 2/3, FTA []
  • [14.02.15] 'Brit Asia TV', 'Capital TV', 'Clubland TV', 'Gems TV', 'Heart TV', 'High Street', 'High Street Xtra', 'Home Store', 'Info TV (0h)', 'NDTV 24x7', 'Noor TV', 'Planet Pop', 'PTC Punjabi', 'Record TV', 'Rocks & Co 1', 'Sangat TV', 'TV Shop UK' on 11585 H, sr 22000, fec 5/6, FTA []
  • [19.10.14] 'Fashion One' has started on 11681 V, sr 27500, fec 2/3, FTA []
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