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Russian Federation


"DISH Network"- w - 119W, Anik F3 / EchoStar 14 / DirecTV 7S
"DirecTV USA"- w - 95W, Galaxy 3C
"Digital+ (Hispasat)"- w - 30W, Hispasat 1D/1E
"DMC"- w - 15W, Telstar 12
"Neterra"- w - 4W, AMOS 2/3/7
"T-Home"- w - 4W, AMOS 2/3/7
"Xtra TV"- w - 4W, AMOS 2/3/7
"Yes"- w - 4W, AMOS 2/3/7
"Canal Digital"- w - 1W, THOR 5/6, IS 10-02
"Digi TV"- w - 1W, THOR 5/6, IS 10-02
"Digi TV Romania"- w - 1W, THOR 5/6, IS 10-02
"Focus Sat"- w - 1W, THOR 5/6, IS 10-02
"Focus Sat Moldova"- w - 1W, THOR 5/6, IS 10-02
"UPC Direct"- w - 1W, THOR 5/6, IS 10-02
"Viasat"- w - 4.8E, Astra 4A, SES-5
"Viasat Eesti"- w - 4.8E, Astra 4A, SES-5
"Viasat Latvia"- w - 4.8E, Astra 4A, SES-5
"Viasat Lietuva"- w - 4.8E, Astra 4A, SES-5
"Viasat Ukraine"- w - 4.8E, Astra 4A, SES-5
"Hello HD"- w - 9E, Eutelsat 9B
"KabelKiosk"- w - 9E, Eutelsat 9B
"OTE"- w - 9E, Eutelsat 9B
"Cyfrowy Polsat"- w - 13E, Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/C/E
"Nova"- w - 13E, Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/C/E
"Orange"- w - 13E, Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/C/E
"Sky Italia"- w - 13E, Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/C/E
"SRG SSR"- w - 13E, Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B/C/E
"Digit Alb"- w - 16E, Eutelsat 16A/B/C
"Total TV"- w - 16E, Eutelsat 16A/B/C
"HD+"- w - 19.2E, ASTRA 1KR/1L/1M/1N
"Sky Germany"- w - 19.2E, ASTRA 1KR/1L/1M/1N
"Sky Link"- w - 23.5E, Astra 3B
"Sky Uk"- w - 28.2E, Astra 2E/2F/2G
"MagtiSat"- w - 31.5E, Astra 5B/2C, Turksat 1C
"Orange Romania"- w - 31.5E, Astra 5B/2C, Turksat 1C
"NTV Plus"- w - 36E, Express AMU1, EUTELSAT 36A/B
"Trikolor-TV"- w - 36E, Express AMU1, EUTELSAT 36A/B
"Bulsatcom"- w - 39E, HELLAS SAT 2
"Dolce"- w - 39E, HELLAS SAT 2
"Black Sea Sat"- w - 42E, Turksat 2A/3A/4A
"D-Smart"- w - 42E, Turksat 2A/3A/4A
"Vivacom"- w - 45E, Intelsat 12
"NTV Plus Vostok"- w - 56E, Express AT1
"Tricolor TV Syberia"- w - 56E, Express AT1
"Otau TV"- w - 60E, Intelsat 33e/904
"MTS"- w - 75E, ABS 2 / 2A
"Telekarta"- w - 85.2E, Intelsat-15 / Horizons 2
"NTV Plus Dalny Vostok"- w - 140E, EXPRESS AM5/AT2
"Telekarta Vostok"- w - 140E, EXPRESS AM5/AT2
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NTV Plus Dalny Vostok

EXPRESS AM5/AT2, 140 East
updated: 08.08.2018
Crypted channels (DVB-S2 / MPEG-4 / scrambled):
  • 12245R, sr: 27500, fec: 3/4
  • 08.08.2018
    AMCMovie channel.
    Animal Planet Russia
    BoberRussian channel.
    Cartoon Network Russiacartoons
    CBS Drama Europetv shows
    CBS Reality Europethematic channel
    Detskiy mir (RTVi)russian channel
    Discovery Channel Russia
    Dom Kinorussian channel
    EuroNewsEuropean News channel.
    Eurosport 1sport
    EuroSport 2sport
    Evrokinomovie channel
    Extreme Sports Channelsport
    Fox Life Russiachannel for women
    Fox RussiaMovies.
    Illusion+russian channel
    JimJam EMEACartoons
    MorskoyRussian channel.
    MTV RussiaMusic channel.
    Nat Geo Wildthematic channel
    National Geographic Channel Russiachannel in Russian
    Nickelodeon CISFor children.
    Okhota & RybalkaRussian channel about fishing and hunting.
    Russkiy Illiuzionrussian channel
    Sony TurboMovie channel.
    TLC RussiaFor women.
    TV XXIrussian channel
    V gostyah u skazkiRussian channel for children.
  • 12302L, sr: 27500, fec: 3/4
  • 05.03.2018
    365 dney TVrussian channel
    Avto Pluschannel in Russian
    Bollywood TVIndian movies.
    Bridge TVrussian music channel
    BRIDGE TV Russkiy HitRussian music channel.
    Europa Plus TVMusic channel.
    Indiyskoye kinoRussian channel.
    Kinokomediyarussian channel
    Kinoseriyarussian channel
    Konniy MirRussian channel.
    Kukhnya TVCooking.
    La-Minorrussian channel
    M-1 Global
    Match TVrussian channel
    Match! Boyetsrussian channel
    Match! Nash SportRussian channel.
    Moya Planeta
    Muzhskoye kinoRussian movie channel.
    Nostalgiyarussian channel
    OTRRussian channel.
    Outdoor Channel International
    Playboy TV UKerotic channel
    RBC-TVrussian channel
    Rossiya-24Russian news channel.
    Russkaya nochrussian erotic channel
    Sovershenno sekretnorussian channel
    Spasrussian channel
    World Fashion Channel Russiamoda
  • 12322R, sr: 27500, fec: 3/4
  • 06.08.2018
    2x2 +5cartoons
    A1Russian channel.
    A2Russian channel.
    Box TVRussian channel about box.
    Discovery Sciencethematic channel
    DoktorRussian TV channel.
    ID Xtra Europe
    KinoHitrussian channel
    KinomixMovie channel.
    Kto is ktoRussian TV channel.
    Mamachannel for mumms
    Muz TVRussian music channel.
    NasheRussian channel.
    NTV-SerialRussian channel.
    Rodnoe kinoRussian channel.
    RTDRT Documentary. Russian channel in English.
    TiJiFor children.
  • 12380L, sr: 27500, fec: 3/4
  • 02.04.2017
    5 Kanal (Russia) +7russian federal channel
    Che +7russian channel
    Disney Channel Russia +7General Enterteinment channel from Russia.
    Domashny +7Russian channel.
    Guberniya (Khabarovsk)russian channel
    Hustler TVThe channel is dedicated to offering explicit adult material; uncut and uncensored from Hustler, one of the most well known brands in Adult entertainment.
    Karusel +7Russian channel for children.
    MIR +7russian channel
    NTV +7Russian federal channel.
    NVK Sakharussian channel
    OTV Prymoryerussian channel
    Perviy Kanal +6Russian channel.
    Prodvizhenie +7Russian channel.
    Pyatnitsa +7russian channel
    REN +7russian channel
    Rossiya K +7russian channel
    Rossiya-1 +6russian channel
    STS +7russian channel
    STS Love +7Russian channel.
    TNT +7Russian channel.
    TNT4 +7Russian channel.
    TV3 (Russia) +7russian channel
    TVC Dalniy Vostok
    U +7Russian enterteinment channel.
    Zvezda +7russian channel
  • 12398R, sr: 27500, fec: 3/4
  • 17.01.2018
    Auto 24Russian channel about cars.
    Bloombergbussiness channel
    CCTV4Channel from China.
    CGTN Russianchannel in russian from China
    Detskiyrussian channel for childrens
    Dialog o RybalkeTV channel.
    Domashnie ZhivotnieRussian channel about animals.
    Fashion TV Russia
    Fine Living
    Food NetworkFood Network is a television specialty channel that airs both one-time and recurring (episodic) programs about food and cooking.
    Mamachannel for mumms
    Mir Seriala
    Mult +0Russian cartoons.
    Nick JrFor children.
    NST (horror)Russian horror movie channel.
    Psihologiya 21
    Radost' moyafor children
    Russkiy BestsellerRussian movie channel.
    Russkiy romanRussian channel.
    Sarafan Plusrussian channel
    Shanson TVrussian music
    Sony Channel Russia
    Sony Sci-Fi Russiamovie channel
    Viasat Sport Eastsport
    Vremyarussian channel
    Zagorodnaya ZhiznRussian tv channel
    ZooParkrussian channel
  • 12455L, sr: 27500, fec: 3/4
  • 25.03.2017
    Dom Kino Premium HDRussian channel.
    HD-LifeRussian HD channel.
    Kinopremiera HDHigh Definition movie channel
    Match! Arena HDRussian channel.
    MGM HDMovie channel.
    Rossiya 1 HDRussian channel.
    Travel HDTravel channel.
  • 12475R, sr: 27500, fec: 3/4
  • 25.03.2017
    Match Premier HDRussian channel.
    Match TV HDRussian channel.
    Match! Football 1 HDsport channel
    Match! Football 2 (HD)Russian sports channel.
    Match! Football 3 HDRussian channel.
    Match! Igra HDRussian channel.
    Perviy Kanal HD +0Russian channel.

    Encrypted channels HEVC (DVB-S2 / HEVC / scrambled):
  • 12226L, sr: 27500, fec: 3/4
  • 17.11.2017
    Fashion One 4KTV channel.
    Festival 4KTV channel.
    HOME 4KTV channel.

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